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ETL is a health and fitness business focussed on helping you set goals and
smash past them in a fun environment


Have you tried every diet class and weight loss approach going but never found something you can stick to? At ETL we focus on each individual and find a way for you to love your food again whilst still seeing great results.


One of the hardest factors when it comes to training is motivation, we make sure all our sessions are fun, engaging and at each individuals level so that you will look forward to your next session rather than drag yourself to it. We have over 60 PT slots available a week and 15+ classes on the timetable so training available between 6am and 9pm so you will have no problem fitting around your everyday life. 


At ETL we help you to learn how to still have a life whilst seeing big changes in your body shape, we won't tell you you can't have anything, we will just tell you how to make it fit into your plan helping you to feel less like you are on a diet and more just living a normal life. Not only that but we also do activities outside of the gym with our members in our adventure club, where we go fell walking, kayaking, climbing, to trampoline parks and much more to burn calories in totally different environments.


Welcome to ETL, here's a little bit of
Info about who we are and what we do from our owner Michael Quirk

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